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Relying on multiple DAO nodes to review the behavior of each DAO node with each other to ensure that all rules can be enforced.

Inviolability Mechanism

Able to ensure that changes to any DAO rules (source code) are not enforced without the consent of a majority of shareholders, and violations of very few nodes will not be successful without a collective more than half of the votes to agree to adoption.


Only by allowing DAO to form a scale effect in society can the development of the global DAO network be truly activated, including the improvement of corresponding governance mechanisms, tools and technologies, and the formation of people's general awareness and habits.

Rule of man

The rule of man is a "hot connection", an unquantifiable, high-frequency communication.


Autonomy is "cold connection," quantifiable, low-frequency communication.


The rule of man and autonomy as two components are like Lego bricks. It can be flexibly combined into different governance schemes according to our needs.

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I'm DogkingDAO

DogkingDAO has reached a huge community consensus in a very short period of time, and all DAO autonomous participants themselves have empowered and planned a roadmap for the establishment of the Dogking Foundation.

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